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Narcissus Salon is a full-service salon offering natural products and personalized services in a tranquil setting. Located on Bloomsbury Avenue in Catonsville, MD, Narcissus Salon features a highly skilled and talented staff.  All our stylists are Redken, Lanza, Bosley and Paul Mitchell Master Specialists and our esthetician is a National Educator and Skin Care Specialist for Bioelements.

Our services include:

Skin care, hair styling and cutting, custom hair color, manicures, pedicures and body waxing.

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Good morning Narcissus friends and families,

Governor Hogan's announced yesterday that all non essential businesses needed to be closed by 5pm. We were able to get all the pre ordered products and Take-Home Hair Color Kits out to everyone who had paid last week before 5pm. At this time we will be completely closed until further notice.

A huge thank you to everyone who has made a purchase through us in this last week either by buying products, buying gift cards, or the hair color kits. We are so deeply appreciative of your help during this crucial time.🙏🏼❤ We don't currently have a means for you to purchase through our website at this time but we are looking into that and will let you know what we come up with.

Just a note about hair maintenance during this time. All of us have gotten numerous texts and messages asking for us to help you out and do your hair at your house or come to ours. We are all supposed to be social distancing right now so we can not help you with your hair at your home or at our home. It is not safe for any of us to expose ourselves in that way. It's also against State Board regulations. Thank you for understanding.

We've also gotten numerous messages asking what box color we recommend you to use at home. We don't recommend using any box color. During this time we hope everyone can be patient and wait for us to reopen rather then take coloring or cutting your hair into your own hands. This is also a way you will be able to help our small business. As we've posted about before, we've seen people do it and it usually doesn't work out well. We do not recommend that you do your own hair. We are trained and licensed for a reason. If something goes wrong we won't be able to fix it for you so we are advising everyone to just wear a headband, scarf, hat or bandana for now if it is an issue for you.

Please remember, it's just hair. We have real life threatening issues going on right now that we need to be focused on. Everyone around you will be in the same boat with shaggy cuts and grown out color, ourselves included. We'll all get through this and we will be waiting with open arms and extended hours to help you when all of this is over.🤗❤

In the meantime please continue to support our business by writing a 😁positive review on Facebook or Yelp, liking👍🏼 and loving ❤ our posts, ↪ sharing our posts on your page, and kindly commenting 💬on the things we post. It may seem small but doing these things helps to boost the FB algorithms for our page which also boost our visibility. Thank you!!

We also want to thank all of you who have taken the time to send us a message to let us know you are thinking about us during these difficult times. We love and miss all of you and can't wait to be with you again soon!! 💞😘💖

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